Macintosh Basics - Sticky Dock Icons

Hey all!

Well, I made a promise to myself that this portion of my blog would be a place where I would give back to the internets for all of the amazing knowledge I was able to absorbe when I first got started on my digital creative journey. So here we are!

I've recorded a few Macintosh Basics tutorials to get the ball rolling. Nothing ground breaking to start. But if you're new to using a Mac, or want to learn some new techniques, then stay tuned here. I'll be posting videos of some of my favourite hints and tricks.

Hopefully someone finds them useful!

This first one is about how your Dock works, and how to keep things sticky on the dock.

Note: I'm using Snow Leopard (10.6.8) for this tutorial, but it should work the same for newer or older versions of the OS.