iOS Tip - e-mail multiple photos

This portion of my blog is meant to be a place where I can share. Everything from tips, techniques, tools, and assets that I've collected, been inspired by, learned or created along my journey. With intent to give back to the for all the help the internet gave me along the way. 

This first post is dedicated to my Aunt Darlene. Her passion and excitement over the weekend of my Sister's wedding back in PEI helped re-ignite my will do teach people about their technology! Her fervent reactions to what I was teaching her to do with her iPhone gave me great joy.

One particular tip she asked me about was sending an e-mail with multiple photos attached. At the time I was driving and couldn't re-teach myself how to do it. The only way I remembered off the top of my head was to press and hold on a photo in the library and copy paste it into an e-mail. One way to do it... but it's slow, clumsy, arduous and worst of all doesn't give you the option to shrink your images before sending them. Something that is important for anyone who's on a limited data plan, or who's sending to someone who has another less powerful device. 

So here it is! The proper way to send multiple images in one e-mail on an iPhone or iPad.

Click the thumbnails bellow this first image to see all of the steps. Sorry the photos are so big! I'm still getting the hang of my new blog.