Easy Access to Special Characters - Macintosh Basics Tutorial

Hey all. Ever drive yourself nuts trying to find the symbol for british pounds £, or the little trademark™ icon? How about googling endlessly trying to figure out how to do an accent en français? 


Well, look no further. Here's the quick & easy way to get access to special characters on a Macintosh. Très bien, non?

Showing Disks on the Desktop - Macintosh Basics

Here's another quick Macintosh Beginner Tips Tutorial. This time I cover: getting Hard Drives, External Hard Drives, CDs DVDs, Network Drives and Thumb Drives to appear on your desktop. 


Please let me know of any other tutorials you'd like me to make. I plan on getting into some more detailed advanced techniques soon. 

Thanks for watching! 

Macintosh Basics - Sticky Dock Icons

Hey all!

Well, I made a promise to myself that this portion of my blog would be a place where I would give back to the internets for all of the amazing knowledge I was able to absorbe when I first got started on my digital creative journey. So here we are!

I've recorded a few Macintosh Basics tutorials to get the ball rolling. Nothing ground breaking to start. But if you're new to using a Mac, or want to learn some new techniques, then stay tuned here. I'll be posting videos of some of my favourite hints and tricks.

Hopefully someone finds them useful!

This first one is about how your Dock works, and how to keep things sticky on the dock.

Note: I'm using Snow Leopard (10.6.8) for this tutorial, but it should work the same for newer or older versions of the OS.


Lightroom 2 - Quick & Dirty Dynamics

This is an OLD Tutorial I did a long while back for Photo Tutsplus... but it ran WAY too long and before I could get it cut down, I fell out of love with the technique of High Dynamic Range photography. There are still some good tidbits in here though if you're willing to sit through it all!

In the spirit of making this blog a place for all of my tutorial stuff to live, I'm reposting this here.

iOS Tip - e-mail multiple photos

This portion of my blog is meant to be a place where I can share. Everything from tips, techniques, tools, and assets that I've collected, been inspired by, learned or created along my journey. With intent to give back to the for all the help the internet gave me along the way. 

This first post is dedicated to my Aunt Darlene. Her passion and excitement over the weekend of my Sister's wedding back in PEI helped re-ignite my will do teach people about their technology! Her fervent reactions to what I was teaching her to do with her iPhone gave me great joy.

One particular tip she asked me about was sending an e-mail with multiple photos attached. At the time I was driving and couldn't re-teach myself how to do it. The only way I remembered off the top of my head was to press and hold on a photo in the library and copy paste it into an e-mail. One way to do it... but it's slow, clumsy, arduous and worst of all doesn't give you the option to shrink your images before sending them. Something that is important for anyone who's on a limited data plan, or who's sending to someone who has another less powerful device. 

So here it is! The proper way to send multiple images in one e-mail on an iPhone or iPad.

Click the thumbnails bellow this first image to see all of the steps. Sorry the photos are so big! I'm still getting the hang of my new blog. 


Notes on my 7D - From the Archives

I was approached by someone on the streets of Impanema in Brazil who had questions about my camera. More specifically about troubles he was having shooting with his new Canon 60D. It prompted me to revisit a video I'd posted two years ago, after having only owned my Canon 7D for a couple weeks... MAN! I actually learned things from my old self in this video! Stuff I'd forgotten since Photography had taken a back seat to my career pursuits. 

It's making me excited about getting back into photography as a hobby. 


I figured I could share it here to kick off the year and get me into posting on this blog again.