Touch sensation in Prosthetics

I feel like every 2 months I read a story about a new prosthetic that promises to restore the sense of touch in a patient. What makes this one any different? 

More and more as I move towards a career in human-machine integration, I realize it's the Humanity that draws me in. It's not about turning us into machines... but making the machines in our image!

Look at the face of that man on the right. It's the connection. The sensation that moves us forward into our inevitable singularity. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.23.40 AM.png

SO. That's what prompted me to post about this Gizmodo Story that I found retweeted by my friends from INVIVO on Twitter

Sure, it also had the mandatory "Star Wars" reference in the title. (Another reference to my theory that my prosthetics obsession was born in a Movie Theatre in Saint John New Brunswick. Galvanized by the blade of Darth Vader's Light Sabre slicing off his son, Luke's arm. Both terrifying and inspiring 5 year old me.) But beyond that, it was the faces of humanity that struck me hard enough to cut through the cognitive clutter we call the Internet. 

Here's the New Scientist video from the Gizmodo story. I haven't even watched it yet. I'll check it out tonight when I get home.