SquareSpace - a tough lesson in User Experience

The older I get, the more I realize how important EMOTION is in interaction design. Software, hardware or any other device needs to make you FEEL GOOD

A month ago, I spent two days crafting a blog post on here about a DIY Environment Sensing Prosthetics workshop I had attended. It was an old-timey Peej post with LOTS of fervent emotion and swirling descriptive ramblings. 

I mistakenly published the post before I had finished it, while I was trying to embed images in the text. (two buttons, Save and Save & Publish are easy to confuse at a glance.) Not wanting the post to be live and wishing it to return to it's draft save state, I hit the only available "negative action" button that this template site offers. The "disguard" button didn't ask me to confirm anything, or warn me that the post would be forever lost. It simply and immediately erased my two days worth of work. 

Was it my mistake? Yes. Should the system have a failsafe put in place to prevent a person from permanently deleting their work? Double yes! A simple "This is going to hurt you, are you sure?" dialogue would suffice. I contacted SquareSpace technical support, and they informed me my content was permanently discarded. Could not be recovered. 

So a post I had spent days saving, was gone. 

In the mobile computing world, and especially iOS, I'm used to a machine that learns and supports me in my creative endeavors. Photos from instagram are doubled up in my photo album for safe keeping. And the spell checker only tries to correct a word once, before heeding to my misspelled desires. In an ever increasingly accommodating world filled with pleasing emotional creative experiences, I have little room left for a bad user experience. 

The truth is: loosing that blog post took the creative wind out of my blogging sails. Am I being entitled and over-sensitive? Yes. But I pay to use this website. I don't think it's unreasonable for me to expect it to work smart

I'm making THIS post in a hope that it will unblock the stink-face annoyance that I've been feeling about loosing that other post. Here's hoping I will be motivated to clear this rant from the front face of my blog in favour of more productive content. 

In the meantime SquareSpace, fix your user experience or risk loosing us all to cutom Wordpress sites! 


2013 is going to be a fantastically exciting year! I'm working on a really promising project involving a real med-device company and the future of self-diagnostic computing. Time to dust off this blog & bring it up to speed!