Relaunch - First post on the new blog!

 Wicked looking, isn't it? :^D

Wicked looking, isn't it? :^D

Clichéd, I know... but I have troubles with "first steps", so I've learned to keep them simple. Just get SOMETHING posted. 

What's obsessing me lately? What's prompted me to make this post? Well, for one; I still have all of my arms and legs. And I still don't know when it's appropriate to use a semi-colon. So I need to brush up on a few skills, and get a few things off my chest and into the cloud. 

Let's get this photo off my desktop too! 

I'm obsessing over the design of artificial limbs lately. And feel like I'm blessed enough to have all ten fingers and better type about what's interesting me while I can! 


My father sent me a link to this video yesterday, and I've yet to watch it, until this moment. It's pretty spot on so far.  


WELL... how's that for synchronicity... The leg fairing in the photo that's been sitting on my desktop for months, (that I had found in my web travels and saved for it's intrinsic inspiration and motivation) was designed by the guy in the video my Dad sent me today!


Moments of synchronicity like these are the beacons of my creativity. Like light houses that blink comfortably through the fog of the everyday.

I went from being an Illustrator, to a Graphic Designer, to a Web Designer to a User Experience Designer... there's no reason I can't eventually follow my heart into designing for the future of Posthumanity!

{I guess this sets a tone for this blog!}