Oh Boy, it's been a while

Hello there Blogger account.... it's been a while, hasn't it?

Wow. So much to rant about! Is this the right time to write? The write time?

A lot has happened... I won't get too much into it, other than to say, I'm inspired. An old dream that my inner critic tried to kill off a few years ago has resurfaced, and as I've learned: this means it's worth pursuing.

I will design prosthesis. More importantly, I will change the way people think about prosthesis.

As an analytical thinker, who's been through a lot of professional counseling in his life, I am capable of very detailed introspection. I'm able to retrace ideas and thoughts and obsessions back to their root cause. Though much of this introspection, I've come to realize lately, that a great ambition in my life has been fuelled by a pivotal scene in one of my favourite childhood movies: The Empire Strikes Back.

In this scene, the protagonist, Luke Skywalker looses his hand. This hand is later replaced with a prosthetic (robotic) hand. Having my hand replaced by a prosthesis has been a recurring theme in many of my dreams, for as long as I can remember, I used to fear it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but now conclude the much more innocent and banal reasoning of this movie scene having a powerful impact on my mind in it's formative infancy. (I was only 2 years old when my Father took me to see this movie in Theaters)

Whatever planted the seed: it's flourished in my fertile imagination.

I'm also blessed with a sufferably powerful sense of empathy, and a terrifying curiosity. One that would often see me spellbound by any sort of medical enhancement or prosthesis I would encounter in my life. I used to cringe at the fleshy plastic hearing aid a child would be forced to wear. Or the eerie "doesn't quite match" colour of an artificial hand or foot. Why do we give such consideration to the beauty and charm of an optional enhancement product like an iPod or cellphone, and offer none of these considerations to things seen as necessary artificial components?

Why can't that hearing aid be a gorgeous blue anodized aluminum? Why can't an artificial robot hand be the envy of a classroom full of children? Why doesn't a prosthetic arm have replaceable vanity faceplates?

I'm 30 now. Dreams like this aren't a matter of simple conversation starters. Or the subject of late-night ramblings with captive and willing audience members. This is my purpose. It's my higher calling. And I must pursue it. My life, happiness, future all depend on my heeding the call that my brain has been making in seeming vein to me all these years.

I'm not going to let the excitement of this post eat up too much more of this afternoon. I have things to do. Like calling the Sunnybrook hospital volunteer line again in the hopes of setting up a schedule!


Here's Aimee Mullins, leading the charge: