Kids don't know they're supposed to be sad...

Take a look at this photo:

It's a startling contrast eh? If you ever saw a photo of an adult who'd just had a quadruple amputation to save their life & were in a hospital bandaged & hooked up to machines, they're usually not this jovial. And that's understandable... This child is only a year & a half old. She has no experience to allow her mind to grasp the concept of the difficulties she'll need to face in order to overcome her disabilities. My realist Girlfriend scoffed a bit at my excitement when I showed her the photo, saying; "of COURSE she's happy. She doesn't know how hard her life is going to be." But does it HAVE to be? If the people around her treat her like there's nothing wrong with her, and only expect the best, won't she be more well equipped to rise to that occasion? Rather than being coddled and made to think she needs to feel sorry for herself? There's a certain zen perfection in her smile. A potential that most people rarely see in their own lives. If handled correctly... This girl's disabilities, could become her abilities!

Fast forward several years, and it looks like her family did right by her!

Check out the little Blade Runner!

Her name is Ellie Challis. She's a Scottish, soccer playing, running, laughing child. And she's also the youngest to ever have a pair of custom fitted Carbon Fibre Gazel Legs. She's also an ABOVE THE KNEE amputee, which makes her running achievements even more astounding.

Here she is with Oscar Pistorius. A bellow the knee amputee who's used these carbon super legs to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics... Not the special olympics... the ACTUAL olympics. (the jury is still out on weather he's legally allowed to compete!)

He and Ellie are part of a new breed of amputees who are finally reaching a point where the disability, is becoming a super ability!

Why am I talking about it? Well... for a very long time as some know already, I've had an obsession with the idea of prosthesis design. And lately the idea is becoming so loud in my mind that I can't ignore it. So I'm seeking out inspiration, and this little girl gave me a heaping helping of it today.

You can read more about her story here:

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