Today I Learned

Today I learned the value of film photography... I don't know that I could ever get my Digicam to capture a photo of a nuclear explosion.

Today I learned that the first Nuclear Explosion looked like this:

And that the explosions that happened over Nagasaki and Hiroshima occurred mere WEEKS afterwards! (shocked by the naivety of the age)

Today I learned that the Atomic Age [Future]'s genesis was in fact, this explosion. What a poignant photo!

I was also tangentially informed of the existence of a machine called a Cyclotron!

And finally the fact that surprised me most is that Canada actually had a key role, (along with the U.K. and spearheaded by the U.S. Army) in advancing nuclear physics and the development of the bomb that produced this explosion!

History, and it's internet proliferation, is AWESOME.