Grandfather always singing songs.
He's crooner with a voice so strong.
From a world full of so much wrong.
Gives me strength to continue on.

His upbringing that was oh so hard.
Barely grown had a wife to start.
Kept working 'till they owned that yard.
Made life held it in their arms.

Grandmother had a tough life too.
She was the reason he could sing on through.
Keep pushin' 'cause the bills were due.
Stuck together but with love as the glue.

Made a family that was oh so big.
Acadian & Lebanese, you can dig.
Deep roots workin' on those rigs.
Aged sweet like a ficus to a fig.

Kept movin' and improvin' by bit.
Out screamin' comes the first Grand Kid.
Wantin' to sing like his Giddie did.
Cookie jar with the big heavy lid.

3 Aunties made his style so fresh.
Kept him up, hugs and kisses to death.
Always surrounded by the proudest and best.
Foundation that could stand the test.

The straight groovin' little boy so small.
Slick dancin' with the crews at the mall.
Best believe he appreciates it all.
'Cause of their love he will always stand tall.