Summertime Spittin'

I've recently been energized by a song that DRAKE released. I know, I know, it's cheesy auto tuned POP, and he sounds just like Lil Wayne and bla bla bla.

Listen, I'm getting too old to pretend I don't like things just because they are popular. I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG:

I relate to what he's saying. He's admitting to his fragility and to having issues handling his meteoric rise. The song is about a small town (Canadian) kid being overwhelmed by the sudden love he's getting. Sometimes, the universe gives you EXACTLY what you've been asking for, and it's terrifying. You can turn and run from it, or take it by the horns. As I type this, Drake is taking his life into his own hands, and this song is giving me chills in the process.

I love it so much I downloaded an instrumental version and wrote a few verses to it:

Instrumental, with hook:

I didn't really think this through much then, I had the first verse in my head suddenly and couldn't ignore it. I'm not rapper, I'm a singer... but I can rhyme in my head. And this was a LOT of fun to write:

My frame might be small, but my brain will tackle y’all.
I take it then I make it mine, hear them people call.
Be Bold, release hold, I gotta leap before the fall.
Stand tall, Do you really live without havin’ a ball?

It’s fun! Out in the sun, when your mind is on a run.
Got them haters leavin’ comments ’cause their egos is undone.
Turn ’round, see your reflection, like a raver who is spun.
We one, talkin’ gibberish together as we bun.

Haha, did you get it? When you read between the lines?
When the words are bouncin’ up and down, your body’s feelin’ vibes.
The bass to make de gyal dem wine, shorties lookin’ fine.
Thank you, to the Gods, for this smokin’ summer shine!

It’s blazin’, and amazing when the winter does subside.
Got the people acting crazy, playin’ tricks to get outside.
From patios to radios, we’re feelin’ so alive.
Mixin’ liquor with the laughter, make Sangria from the wine.

From Atlantic to Pacific, Summer records gettin’ struck.
But I heard it snowed in Edmonton last night! Well, Whut the fuck?
It’s Canada luck, I don’t mean that it sucks.
We just gotta live a lot of life before the season’s up!


Thanks for the inspiration Drake! I refuse to bow to Canadian conventions and hate you just because you made it big outside the context of your home. Keep doing you, and inspiring those of us who dream globally.