huh? What's happening here? (unfinished Christmas Post)

Flying to Toronto on New Years Eve! Well actually, flying to Mississauga. Well, actually, flying to Montreal and THEN flying to Mississauga. An epic adventure on borrowed time. Gifted to me by the sweet twist of a fated winter storm.

To call these last three days serendipitous would in no way be an exaggeration. From the moment the first massive chunky snowflakes started to fall on Tuesday, I had a feeling inside that something was right. I woke up feeling wrong about leaving PEI that morning actually. Like I hadn’t experienced something yet. Like the much desired “switch” hadn’t been flipped, and my brain and spirit were still on Toronto time. I’d yet to truly let go and relax. I felt like I hadn’t hugged my mother enough. Like I hadn’t seen my nephew enough. Like Dad and I didn’t sit and hug on the couch long enough reminiscing about mine and his youth. And waxing poetic about our potential futures. I’d had a evening out with my boys the previous night that ran into the wee hours of the morning. I woke up later then I’d wanted, just in time to see my Mom leaving for work. I saw her pulling out of the driveway and was heartbroken. So when the announcement came over the loudspeaker at Charlottetown Airport later that afternoon to say the flight was canceled, I was elated. I felt a great release. Like a valve had been opened to vent the built up back pressure that had plagued me through the other 12 days of my Christmas trip. They made the announcement that I’d be stuck on the island for at least one more night, and I finally let go. Let go of the inner city pressure. Of the constant state of readiness the metropolis forces me to live in. I love that state. I thrive on it. But I desperately needed refute after being in it for a solid year. Everything in moderation.

What I needed, was to let go. To not worry. To relax. And in that moment on Tuesday, I did. I fell heavily into that airport waiting room chair and held my Mother’s hand. Sitting between her and my Father, in a state of mischievous satisfaction, I finally let go. Most people were frantically scrambling to figure out they’re alternative traveling plans, as my father suggested I do immediately... but I didn’t budge. I was so pleased. So happy. So relaxed. Not even worried about it!

Right now I’m on board a crotchety old Dash 8, in the most exciting seat! Window, right beside the big whirling loud 4 bladed turbo prop. We’re passing over some rural area of New Brunswick and the lights look fantastic! Like a webwork of orange pathways, all linked together and converging at concentrated pockets of sparkling brilliance. I’d reach down for my camera to try and capture this stunning view... but the old Rebel doesn’t excel in low light situations like this, and the quarters are so cramped that I don’t want to subject my seat mate to another awkward rifling through my over filled bag.

My flight path is a relatively long one. A direct flight from Charlottetown to Toronto on a decent sized aircraft takes less then two hours. Even 1.5 hours with a tail wind. This trip has me in the air for two hours aboard this archaic little turbo prop before landing in Montreal. When I get to La Belle Province I’ve got an hour to saunter through the airport to catch my connecting flight at my convenience. Again, I’m blessed with this healing alone time in transit. I love it. The Tuesday flight was going to see me stuck in the Halifax airport for several hours waiting for a connection. I’d rather spend the extra time in the air aboard this charming old people carrier anyway. And Montreal is a much better city to possibly get stuck in for New Years eve in my humble opinion.

So the switch got flipped on Tuesday when they announced the flight was canceled, and the magic had only begun then! As soon as I’d heard the flight was canceled I told Facebook. Facebook then told my friends, who all proceeded to txt me to tell me I had to come out that night! I casually mentioned to my rentals that I was already getting the call out, and Mom responded with “Well you’d better go out tonight and have some fun! No more complaining about how you didn’t get to go out!”

Little did I know what an epic, and soul healing night was waiting for me out in the little city with the big soul.

The previous week I’d been out to Babas with awesome results. Also a Tuesday, the bar was unusually jam packed with people. Many of whom were just back for Christmas break like me! The energy was frenetic and palpably intensified from what a normal Tuesday night at Babas is like. Babas is always a feel good spot, but it’s not always a high energy place. The fervor comes in waves and nodes. The swells were big on the previous Tuesday, but they crested and broke in unison this week!

Last week, I’d seen the chalk board marquee on the back covered smoking patio and saw John Connolly was scheduled to play on the 29th. The very day I was supposed to leave. John Connolly is a great artist, great friend, and hands down my most satisfying design client. The quality and length of the bro grab I get for him on the oft chances we see one another says it all. They’re always awkwardly long, but never awkward. Our friendship transcends many of the normal constraints we as a society place on such unions. I don’t have to call him often, or see him, or even speak to him via any of the currently popular social mediums. But when we connect, it’s electric!

So I start getting the txt message call-outs before I even get an opportunity to recall that he’s playing that night. I agree to come out strictly based on the desires of my island friends. Babas it is!


I was unable to finish this above entry on that flight. The snacks came, and away went my laptop. So now, I’m re-reading it, on another Tuesday night. This time I’m not in Charlottetown. I’m on a GO bus from Square One to Union Station. The scenic route back from Mississauga. I just drove Ivan’s Mazda 3 out to him after a nearly missed orthodontist appointment had it stranded downtown. I should probably be working now... I’ve been getting a surprisingly satisfying amount of freelance copy writing work lately! So I’m still spending a lot of time writing... but none on my blog... I just went to visit it before cracking open the work documents.... It’s in a horrible state! It’s got a very unwelcoming post as it’s main one now for two whole months! (Eeeew, stagnant self expression!) :^P I needed to post something on there! I was so distraught with how it looked, that I stripped all the theme colours off and hastily replaced the header with a logo I use for my print design invoices... :^P

My iTunes shuffle actually played the downtempo version of “Inner City Pressure” while I was reading the line about inner city pressure I had written on the flight home. That’s how I knew I had to just friggin’ post the unfinished entry. hehe

And this horribly unformatted and rushed adendu....


Addendum I was trying to type! But then I got distracted by the Tower. THEY TURNED IT INTO A FRIGGIN’ 1500 FOOT TALL LED TV for frig sakes!! The damned thing looks INCREDIBLE!

I know I have a sweet view of it from my place, and believe me, I take advantage of that! But seeing it from the outer arteries as you’re driving into the city is AWESOME!

Toronto looks MUCH different then it did when I left in 2004! The CN Tower isn’t the only structure to have been highlighted with some kind of LED array. Tons of the new condo towers have blades of colour. But most of them stick to a single colour, and a static panel of it. Not like the dynamic lighting they added to Toronto’s giant phallus. Hahaha

Love this city.

I can also see the Peakcock building (U of T brutalist library. Massive concrete slabs at jagged angled laid out in the shape of a cubist peacock. Must been seen to be beheld.)

Ok. Home now. Sleep time. Better blog soon.