Using Mac OS X to "meassure" things on the web!

I'm setting up some embedded YouTube content for a client. Trying to figure out if the dimensions on the embed dialogue on the YouTube site are total player dimensions... or just video content dimensions with the actually player controls outside those dimensions.

I'm going to embed a 480 x 295 example of video here... then use Mac OS X built in screen grabber tool to measure the box.

Command > Shift > 4
to do a custom screen grab of just one section. Note the metrics displayed beside the cross hairs as you click and drag out a selection of your screen to be captured! Measure without even taking the screen cap by clicking and dragging around your selection, then hitting the "escape" key before letting go of your mouse button. This way, you can keep pressing Command > Shift > 4 to initialize the screen grabber, and yet only save the ones you need.

I use this native Mac OS X functionality to measure things on the web all the time!


I <3 my Mac!

Well, that's strange... it's showing 412 x 295 ... How Random!

Edit Again:
Not so random after all. My super powered Brainz have deduced that my Blogger Template scripting is superseding the YouTube Embed Code... iiiinteresting.